Monthly Archives: November 2014

Free, Virtual Conference: hack.summit()

The hack.summit() conference is a virtual conference happening December 1-4.  Some of the speakers I recognize include Kent Beck, Ward Cunningham, Grady Booch, and Tim O’Reilly.  Registration is free with the code “DZONE” but consider contributing to help an array of non-profit programming alliances.

Decrypting Hilbert

I spotted an article about the Hilbert language over on Hacker News this week. On the surface it looks like an interesting take on doing math at the keyboard which I have a standing interest in. But it appears to be in the very early stages, there’s very little in the way of documentation.  On […]

Lightweight Editors

Looking for a lightweight code editor?  Here are a few that are worth a look. Brackets is open source and is rather full featured.  It integrates with Chrome and updates a running browser window in real time as you make code changes. ATOM is also open source and is motivated to be “hackable to the […]