Free, Virtual Conference: hack.summit()

The hack.summit() conference is a virtual conference happening December 1-4.  Some of the speakers I recognize include Kent Beck, Ward Cunningham, Grady Booch, and Tim O’Reilly.  Registration is free with the code “DZONE” but consider contributing to help an array of non-profit programming alliances.



  1. Very nice, I reposted this on my companies internal website. Maybe we can get a room and get more of a conference atmosphere.


  2. The Cunningham and Beck presentation was priceless. I’d like to show this to people at the office the next time I’m asked “why are you still programming?”, which should be any minute now…


  3. I smiled while watching Cunningham and Beck recall with such pleasure their successes in making beautiful code. Personally, the reason I’m still a programmer is exactly the same reason I became one in the first place. There’s such a delight in crafting a solution that you’re proud of. A few quotes I jotted down while watching their talk:

    Beck – “Competence and beauty matter.”

    Cunningham – “There is no finer power than thinking up something into existence.”

    Cunningham – “Smalltalk 80 was so self-consistent. It was a work of art.”

    Beck – “The things I was told to do were the exact opposite of the things that made me valuable.”

    Cunningham – “The difference between a programmer and a manager. The manager has lost that sense of beauty in the code. They won’t look at the screen. It’s just too much effort to see what’s going on.”


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