Decryptions: A Not-so-Personal Learning Network

I think the following in part describes the intent we had in setting up this blog, basically as  a learning exchange between a small group of people:

I think the key points here, especially:

  • The real purpose of my PLN is not learning; it’s to improve work and performance.

may lead me to rethink my approach to this a little bit…



  1. I’m curious what ways you guys maintain your PLNs. The author begins by describing his successful use of Twitter to meet and know others starting at a conference. I’ve been afraid of adding more distractions to my day, but if Twitter can be managed for professional purposes I’d like to give it a try. I’m a bit old fashioned and tend to enjoy meeting face-to-face for coffee or lunch discussions within my circles.

    One takeaway for our group might be to present interesting, work-related challenges more often. I like the idea of gaining fresh perspectives and challenging my way of thinking when I’m working out a solution.

    Update 1/29/15: I fired up my Twitter account and am now following 34 other people (I almost typed ‘Twits’). Will I only lurk or devise my own thoughts worth sharing?


    1. I don’t really know. I found the article eye opening in the sense it’s the first time I ever thought of purposefully maintaining/growing a network. I need to think about this more but right now I’m trying to do a bit more to organize by professional profile online. Starting with this blog and trying to put some of my personal coding projects into a presentable state.


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