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First Days With A 3D Printer

My boys and I have had our eyes on 3D printing technology for awhile now.  We’ve noticed many news stories ranging from 3D printed prosthetics helping humans and dogs to ‘beaming’ a wrench up to the International Space Station.  Impressed by the geek factor and hoping to learn something with my kids, I picked up a […]

Thoughts on Lockhart’s Lament

I’ve finally read through all of Lockhart’s Lament, which was referenced in an earlier Decryptions post. Within, Lockhart tears apart what most of the population thinks of as “math.” He ponders, “I don’t see how it’s doing society any good to have its members walking around with vague memories of algebraic formulas and geometric diagrams, […]

Free, Virtual Conference: hack.summit()

The hack.summit() conference is a virtual conference happening December 1-4.  Some of the speakers I recognize include Kent Beck, Ward Cunningham, Grady Booch, and Tim O’Reilly.  Registration is free with the code “DZONE” but consider contributing to help an array of non-profit programming alliances.

Lightweight Editors

Looking for a lightweight code editor?  Here are a few that are worth a look. Brackets is open source and is rather full featured.  It integrates with Chrome and updates a running browser window in real time as you make code changes. ATOM is also open source and is motivated to be “hackable to the […]