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Interactive Development of a Technology Radar

If you don’t know what a Technology Radar is, first go off and take a quick look at Neal Ford’s excellent article on the topic. For the purposes of this post you don’t have to read it thoroughly, although at some point I highly recommend that you do. Read it yet? Or at least familiar […]

Discovery with Interactive Data

Interactive visualizations usually refer to a suite of techniques for cycling through various views on a data set in an effort to discover or present relationships in the data. This always seemed a bit on the passive side to me. It starts with the user prodding their software to coax out some sort of visualization, […]

Decryptions: A Not-so-Personal Learning Network

I think the following in part describes the intent we had in setting up this blog, basically as  a learning exchange between a small group of people: I think the key points here, especially: The real purpose of my PLN is not learning; it’s to improve work and performance. may lead me to rethink my approach to […]

Don’t choose a learning style…

…choose a set of learning styles. Hacker News has once again proved to be a fertile source for blogging ideas.  This post: Ask HN: Do you prefer to learn by watching videos or by reading books/articles? Reminded me of the different-but-related debate on how to find the best way of learning optimized for different people. […]

Can you really learn math by reading books?

I found this article, “Math 101: A Reading List for Lifelong Learners”, via Hacker News. I’m only familiar with one book on the list (A Tour of the Calculus) and my experience with it was a bit disappointing. It might not be the books fault, my expectations may have been unrealistic. I know there are limitations […]

Remote working isn’t about the tools

I’m currently working in a situation where most of the team is in India. This curiously puts me in the position of being a “remote worker” even though I have a regular office in our business’s office building. As a result I’ve developed a fascination with online collaboration tools. I have become more and more convinced […]

Decrypting Hilbert

I spotted an article about the Hilbert language over on Hacker News this week. On the surface it looks like an interesting take on doing math at the keyboard which I have a standing interest in. But it appears to be in the very early stages, there’s very little in the way of documentation.  On […]