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Discovery with Interactive Data

Interactive visualizations usually refer to a suite of techniques for cycling through various views on a data set in an effort to discover or present relationships in the data. This always seemed a bit on the passive side to me. It starts with the user prodding their software to coax out some sort of visualization, […]

Remote working isn’t about the tools

I’m currently working in a situation where most of the team is in India. This curiously puts me in the position of being a “remote worker” even though I have a regular office in our business’s office building. As a result I’ve developed a fascination with online collaboration tools. I have become more and more convinced […]

Lightweight Editors

Looking for a lightweight code editor?  Here are a few that are worth a look. Brackets is open source and is rather full featured.  It integrates with Chrome and updates a running browser window in real time as you make code changes. ATOM is also open source and is motivated to be “hackable to the […]