Don’t choose a learning style…

…choose a set of learning styles.

Hacker News has once again proved to be a fertile source for blogging ideas.  This post:

Ask HN: Do you prefer to learn by watching videos or by reading books/articles?

Reminded me of the different-but-related debate on how to find the best way of learning optimized for different people.

While I agree with the idea that different people may be more or less effective with different learning styles seems reasonable, I don’t think you want to focus too much one method.

I can see how if you are concerned about finding the optimal learning style for yourself you might fall into the trap of exclusively using that one way of learning. A more nuanced approach should consider that different styles have different strengths.

But I think there’s more to it that the different strengths argument. Different learning methods will give different perspectives on the same material. I’d argue that there is rich and unique insight that can be had by comparing the two perspectives that you can’t get from one modality alone. Which leads me to think that multiple modilities aren’t just nice to have, but are essential to learning effectiveness.


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